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Original Name Description
Plain No butter or salt
Butter Perfect blend of butter and salt

Seasoned Name Description
Bacon & Cheese  
  Bacon, Ranch & Cheese  
  Buffalo Wing  
  Creamy Dill  
  Hot Jalapeño  
  Hot Jalapeño Cheddar  
Nacho Cheese  
Parmesan Garlic  
Sour Cream & Chives  

Flavored Name Description

Gourmet Caramel

Chicago Style A 2:1 ratio of Dells Cheddar cheese & our classic Caramel
Dells Cheddar Cheese  
  Hot Cheddar Cheese The hottest flavor we carry
White Cheddar  

Candy Coated Flavors Name Description
(Our sweet
glazed flavors
- most taste
similar to
Fruit Loops)


Black Cherry  
Blue Raspberry  
Caramel Apple  
Chocolate Tastes similar to Coco Puffs
Fruity Tooty A mix of 4 or more candy coats
Green Apple  
Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry with graham crackers and yogurt

Name Description
Chocolate Drizzle Milk chocolate drizzled on regular popcorn
Lovers Quarrel

Milk chocolate & white chocolate drizzled on regular popcorn

White Chocolate Drizzle White chocolate drizzled on regular popcorn
Dark Chocolate Drizzle Dark chocolate drizzled on regular popcorn
Dark Chocolate Mint Dark chocolate mint drizzled on regular popcorn
Chocolate Caramel Milk chocolate drizzled on caramel popcorn
Chocolate & White Chocolate
Milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzled on caramel
White Chocolate Caramel White chocolate drizzled on caramel
Cinnabon Delight

Caramel popcorn coated with cinnamon, yogurt, and white

Crunch & Caramel Crunch bars melted on caramel
M&M Caramel M&Ms melted on caramel
Oreo & Cream Oreos mashed & melted on vanilla flavored popcorn
S’more More Caramel popcorn with graham crackers, marshmallows, &
chocolate chips

Containing Nuts
Name Description
Caramel & Almonds  
Caramel & Cashews  
Caramel & Peanuts  
Caramel & Pecans  
Peanut Butter Drizzle Peanut butter drizzled on regular popcorn
Reese’s Milk chocolate & peanut butter melted on regular popcorn
Snickers & Caramel Snickers bar melted on caramel popcorn

Gourmet Carmel Popcorn - Gourmet popcorn with our special caramel coating

Furity Tutty Popcorn - Four different flavors of candy coated popcorn kids favorite

White Cheddar Popcorn - Just like our dells cheddar but with white cheese

Des Plaines Style Popcorn - Our special gourmet caramel & our real cheddar cheese

Dells Cheddar Cheese Popcorn - Gourmet popcorn with real cheddar cheese

3 Mile Island Popcorn - Cheddar cheese with are special hot flavor


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